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Mike Mayo Will Have You Know It's Hard Enough Doing His Own Job, Let Alone James Gorman's As Well

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Especially when he's working his ass off to make this company big money and no one seems to give a baker's damn. Here's a tip from the Mayo Jar: When Fortune All-Star Analysts talk, you listen.

Morgan Stanley, trading at less than half of its liquidation value, could be worth as much as $32 a share in a breakup, said Michael Mayo, an analyst at CLSA Ltd. Short-sellers betting against Morgan Stanley would be “blown to Neptune” if the New York-based investment bank heeds calls for the biggest U.S. financial firms to be split into pieces, Mayo, 49, said yesterday in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

James Gorman, Morgan Stanley’s chief executive officer, said last week that the firm will continue to shrink its fixed- income trading unit, cutting so-called risk-weighted assets 30 percent from the third quarter of 2011 by the end of 2014. Mayo said that reduction should be closer to two-thirds. “This is not a tough call,” Mayo said.

Morgan Stanley Stock May Be Worth $32 In Breakup, Mayo Says [Bloomberg]


Mike Mayo Is Done Waiting For Everyone Around Him To Do Their Jobs

Because he's had some previous success putting bankers on deadlines for complying with his demands and because he has had it up to here with financial regulators and the companies they supervise, both of which have been dragging their heels since Dodd-Frank was passed, CLSA analyst Mike Mayo appeared on CNBC today to issue a message: The time for thumb twiddling is over. Move your asses, NOW, or he'll move them for you. Regulators need to write new financial services rules and banks need to get back to banking, CLSA analyst Mike Mayo told CNBC’s Squawk on the Street. “It’s been two years since Dodd-Frank was passed,” Mayo said. “If you’re the regulators, get these laws written, if you’re the banks, at some point you have to play the ball where it lies. You need to get back to the business of banking.” Mayo said there should be “no more excuses.” Everyone understand or does he need to enunciate? Yes? Okay: play the ball where it lies, you useless cocksuckers! If it's in the water, roll your fucking khakis up and do something useful for once in your pathetic fucking lives. ‘No More Excuses’ from Banks or Regulators: Analyst [CNBC] Related: Mike Mayo Suggests Citi Chair Dick Parsons Be Gone In A Fortnight, Or Else

Dick Parsons Actually Gives Mike Mayo What He Wants

Is Mike Mayo the most powerful man on Wall Street, able to bend CEOs and bank chairmen to his will with the greatest of ease? If you'd asked us days ago we would have said "Well he does have a varsity analyst jacket but eh." Today? The answer is we have no idea but Dick Parsons is certainly helping make that case by not only complying with the demands of Mayo but doing so on his specified time schedule. [WSJ, Earlier: “I think that Parsons should leave in the next two weeks,” said Mayo on Feb. 23]