Maybe If The Olympics Hadn't Monopolized All The Tail In Town, Someone Would've Had Nicer Things To Say About It


“The Olympics are an economic failure as London is totally empty: hotels, restaurants, streets,” Nouriel Roubini tweeted. “It turns out London is totally empty. A zombie city...The West End – usually packed on any Saturday night – was an empty waste land last night: barely a soul to be found in theatres, bars, etc,” he said on Twitter.  [CNBC]


Flailing Eurozone Countries Agreeing To Two Years Of Austerity Makes About As Much Sense To Nouriel Roubini As Him Agreeing To Go Two Years Without Getting Laid-- Which Is To Say, NONE

Hand to god, he'd sooner die. The Germans say, "you lost your virginity. Now you sign a contract; you say, 'I'm a boring virgin.' Be abstinent for the next two years. Show me your soul and two years from now, we're going to get married. But today, I commit to marriage today? Forget it." Roubini: Germany to eurozone--you lost your virginity, can't commit to marriage today [BloombergTV]