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Sign Up For The Dealbreaker Newsletter, Get A Chance To Win ‘Meat & Moonshine’

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Many of our readers get highlights from Dealbreaker in their inboxes every day. Our Dealbreaker Newsletter spotlights our top content from the day, so you’ll never miss the story that everyone is talking about.

But did you know that the Newsletter could get you drunk? It can! Sign up for the newsletter now, and you’ll be entered to win two free tickets to Eater’s “Meat & Moonshine” event, taking place here in New York at Hill Country on August 13th.

The event has been described as “a boozy summer hoe-down party.” Tickets sell for $120 each, but Dealbreaker can be entered to win two of them just by signing up. Good luck!


Don’t Forget To Sign Up For The Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge

First prize is dinner with a few colleagues/friends at Peter Luger, your choice of post-dinner activity, an I Heart Dealbreaker button, a Greenlight Capital messenger bag, a Pershing Square golf umbrella, a pair of Third Point-branded running sneakers, and a Blackstone gym bag (if you are a hedge fund, private equity firm, or bank who would like to be represented via swag, do get in touch. As you can see we're building something of an ensemble here so socks, hoodies, hats, undergarments, etc would be optimal but we'll work with what you've got). Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired. Sign up now. [DBNCAATC]