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Bob Rubin Didn't See That Pool Over There

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In a hypothetical scenario, which former treasury secretary, among all the living ones, do you think would be most likely to drink his face off and fall in a pool? Process of elimination should point to Larry Summers, with Hank Paulson being an interesting dark horse, right? Except, wrong! Big Poppa, that we know of, was sober enough to stay standing last night and Hank Paulson is yet to encounter his own personal Sophie's Choice, wherein a vindictive Dick Fuld forces him to pick between a glass of red and the life of an innocent Warbler. Which leaves door number three: Bob "I took a bath in grain alcohol before getting here" Rubin.

Bob Rubin, the Treasury secretary during Bill Clinton's presidency, tumbled into a Ritz-Carlton hotel pool Wednesday around 8 p.m. The pool was next to a happy hour party that began 90 minutes earlier and was attended by top White House officials and Wall Street big-wigs. Rubin, fished out by fellow guests, was said to be in good spirits by a person familiar with the tumble.

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