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First Hedge Fund Advertisement Objectivist, Maybe Illegal, Not On Dealbreaker

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Novelty currency dealer and possibly somewhat hedge-fund-esque entity CapitalistPig Asset Management have made some mistakes in their time - sending us unsolicited Nazi coins,1 quoting Ayn Rand in public, advertising their hedge fund in Crain's Chicago Business, doing it before the SEC's proposed rules allowing hedge fund advertising go into effect - but they were kind enough to send us a copy and a note saying "Proud to be the first hedge fund to advertise publicly since 1932." So the least we can do is give them some additional free advertising here. The rest of you will have to pay. Also? Maybe wait until it's legal.

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1.This really happened - they sent it to a bunch of people (with their holiday card, we think?). A portion of the money they get from selling Nazi coins is donated to the Illinois Holocaust Museum, so.