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Area Banker Gives The Great Burrito 4.5/10, Only To Be Returned To In Moment Of Desperation

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Do you own a computer, but not the internet? Do you have access to the internet, but uninstalled Google? Do you appreciate the ratings of Yelp, Zagat and Michelin, but wish you could find out what an anonymous investment banking managing director thinks of your dinner options for tonight?

If you answered yes to any of the above, today's your lucky day. At some point over the summer an MD assigned his intern the task of putting together an Excel document that lists his 256 favorite restaurants in New York, along with their addresses, phone numbers, Yelp and Zagat scores and Michelin stars when warranted. Additionally, each establishment that the MD has tried faced the exacting standards of the MDW rating system; none earn the coveted 10.0, 3 received a 9.5, and 22 were slapped with the shame of < 6.

[MDW NYC Restaurants v7]


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