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Ray Dalio's "Biggest" Worry About The Global Economy Involves Hitler Circa 1933

Earlier today, Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio sat down with Andrew Ross Sorkin for a wide-ranging chat about QE3, China, gold, American competitiveness, monetary policy, and his general outlook on life and the economy. While there are a whole bunch of issues that Dalio could be worried about, his biggest fear? Is "another leg down in the economies causing social disruptions, because deleveraging can be very painful...but when people get at each other's throats, the rich and the poor, the left and the right, and so on, you have a basic breakdown, that becomes very threatening. For example, Hitler came to power in 1933, which was the depth of the Great Depression, because of social tension between the factions." What Worries Hedge Fund Titan Ray Dalio? [CNBC]