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Wedding After-Party Of Financial Services Couple Requires One Cop For Every One Guest*

Which apparently wasn't enough.
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Which apparently wasn't enough.

As Nicole Sannuti, a financial-services manager, planned her dream wedding on the social-media website Pinterest, she imagined sparkly centerpieces, tiered cakes and shadow boxes to hold her wedding memorabilia. But now, her dream will forever be overshadowed by a nightmare - the melee that broke out early Sunday between her wedding party and another at the Society Hill Sheraton, ending with her uncle dead of a heart attack and a relative of her new husband's in prison. The all-out brawl involved between 50 and 100 people and was fueled by alcohol, police said...Sannuti and Sofka both attended St. Joseph's University and live in Jersey City, according to their LinkedIn pages and other online records. Sofka, 29, works as a business-development associate at Newtown Capital Management, and Sannuti, 28, is a vice president of asset management HR at Credit Suisse.

Sannuti's page on Pinterest shows that she'd been contemplating a wedding with elements of love and beauty, not of violence and death. Photos on the page include a love message from the groom to the bride on her wedding shoe, flowers glued to Styrofoam balls, and the palms of four hands displaying the word F-O-R-E-V-E-R, spelled out in Scrabble tiles and a wedding band for the letter O.

Lt. Ray Evers, police spokesman, said it's still not clear what sparked the fights. "I don't have a solid answer how it started," he said, "but we had to come in and clean it up." Hotel guests said that between 50 and 100 cops showed up and tried to keep the peace but that several partygoers fought back. The YouTube video shows one cop hitting a combative guest three times with a baton. Evers said police also fired a stun gun at that man, identified as Matthew Sofka, when he resisted arrest. Sofka, 26, a relative of Michael Sofka's, was taken into custody and charged with assault on police, inciting a riot and related offenses, Evers said. Police said more arrests were expected as they interview more guests and responding police officers, and as they pore over additional surveillance footage.

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*Haven't seen the guest list yet, so ballpark.


Exotic Dancer Turned Financial Services VP Wants Long Island To Pay $10 Million For Forcing Her To Have An Affair With Responsibility-Shirking Cop

Remember Tara Obernauer? For a quick refresher, Obernauer is vice-president at Forbes Private Capital Group, whose resume also includes an MBA from Hofstra, five years as a compliance officer at Guggenheim Capital Markets, and dancing gig at a now-defunct gentlemen's club called Stringfellows, where she earned "$1,000 a night or more." Last July she started having an affair with Nassau County police officer Mike Tedesco,* which involved Tedesco literally and figuratively "parking his cruiser in Obernauer's driveway" during his shift and "hanging out on the couch, watching TV, and taking naps" while letting younger cops, who Tedesco referred to "assist bitches," respond to calls. The reason we know all this is that Mike's bosses "compared reports by Obernauer's neighbors with GPS records from his squad car, [which] showed at least 57 visits" at times he was supposed to be working, and then cross-referenced them with Obernauer, who had no intention of covering for Tedesco after she learned he was married with kids.** Anyway, in April Obernauer got an order of protection against the guy, fearing retaliation for not telling Internal Affairs that he was "just a friend who stops by once in a while," as per his request,** and now she wants Nassau County to cough up a few million for unleashing this animal on her. The mistress of a married Nassau County cop — who enjoyed more than 100 nights with him while he was on duty — is threatening to sue the county for $10 million because it didn’t prevent the couple’s steamy romance. Sexy Wall Street exec Tara Obenauer, 42, has filed a notice of claim saying that she intends to sue Nassau County and the Police Department because officials were “negligent” for not keeping Officer Mike Tedesco from visiting her house while he was on duty. “As a result of the County and Tedesco’s negligent and intentional acts, Claimant has suffered and sustained severe and substantial emotional damages,” the notice of claim said. Here's what Nassau County Attorney John Ciampoli had to say about that: “I just think it’s rather ironic that she’s filing a notice of claim against the county. Because, based on what has been reported in the press, she was receiving from the county Police Department a lot more than others were receiving.” *Who showed up to her house claiming he'd received a report of loud music, after a colleague who knew Obernauer piqued Tedesco's interest by telling him "she was good-looking." **To which she responded "They have your GPS records, you moron. I'm not perjuring myself for you. We're over and I want my key back."