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Write-Offs: 11.13.12

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$$$Divisions overshadow Europe's plan to control banks [Reuters]

$$$Bank of New York Mellon Unit to Pay $210 Million in Madoff Settlement [WSJ]

$$$Apollo Aims to Raise $12 Billion for Buyouts [Deal Journal]

$$$ “Wall Street firms like Goldman typically describe their people as 'human capital.' But in many ways, the senior ranks below the upper management are more like 'human debt.' Only the most senior folks are actual capital. The ranks below them are the leverage, who provide greater returns to the equity in better times, but drain income when revenues are low.” [NetNet / John Carney]

$$$ Denver TV station shows cover of Paula Broadwell book with the title “All Up In My Snatch” [Romenesko]

$$$ Fortress Partners Fund is looking for a fund accountant in New York [DBCC]

$$$Banks attack Fed plans on Basel III rules [FT]

$$$ There’s a Facebook lockup expiration tomorrow [CNN]

$$$Connecticut Man Continued to Make Food Deliveries After Stealing Delivery Driver’s Car [Gawker]

$$$Joe Biden Was on Carmen Sandiego in 1993 for Some Reason [DI]


Write-Offs: 12.13.12

$$$ Wells Fargo Banker, Two Others Indicted on Insider-Trading Charges [WSJ] $$$ Bank of America claims MBIA in default on senior notes [Reuters] $$$ The Queen of England seems to have had a fun tour of her Bank [Telegraph] $$$ DealBook Conference Was Impressive, Lucrative and Chummy, but it was no DBDRN [NYT] $$$ "Lloyd Blankfein … wears a suit that is notably baggy in its cut. The bagginess is unflattering. But it is a pinstripe suit, which is the Bat Signal of men of great influence, Wall Street's version of a rapper's Jacob the Jeweler medallion." [Gawker] $$$ Plot to castrate and kill Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden is foiled [NYP] $$$ How would you like to be a TIAA-CREF wealth management advisor in Fargo, ND? [DBCC] $$$ Obama’s Bet on GM Hangs on Revamped Silverado Pickup [Bloomberg] $$$ Hostess Said to Attract Bids From Wal-Mart, Kroger [Bloomberg] $$$ "But the decisions in the Argentine litigation do seem to go a long way toward transforming the pari passu clause from a rule of rank into a prohibition on preferences. And if this is right, is there any reason to think the holdings will be confined to the sovereign context?" [DealBook / Stephen Lubben] $$$ U. Chicago Receives Weird Mystery Package Addressed to Indiana Jones [NYO] $$$ "Afterward, the employees — chosen by lottery — nibbled on pigs in blankets and sushi rolls and met with Tyson Chandler of the New York Knicks. But one employee apparently was more interested in an autograph from his boss, coming up to ask Mr. Dimon to sign his ticket. The chief executive complied." [DealBook]

Write-Offs: 9.15.15

Jefferies sued over 'women as sex objects' culture; Ex-Yellen aide thinks rate hike would be a bad idea; "7-Eleven offers 'Date Night' delivery of ice cream and condoms"; and more.