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2012 Glenview Performance Means Larry Robbins Has Enough Cash On Hand To Retrofit Backyard Rink With A Row Of Seats For B-D List Celebrities And Pay Surly Neighbors To Rip Tickets

Whether they want to accept the olive branch or not is their choice.
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Whether they want to accept the olive branch or not is their choice.

With its December surge, the fund was on track to close the year with a gain of 29.31 percent before fees, according to a weekly update Glenview sent to investors...The firm’s smaller opportunities fund, known as “Go,” is up about 60 percent before fees...Founder Larry Robbins, 42, seen as one of the more flamboyant hedgies, flew 100 of his Wall Street pals to his wedding in June to Sarahmay Wesemael in the French Riviera, The Post’s Page Six reported. He also built an indoor ice rink on his 3-acre home in leafy Cresskill, NJ, sparking a feud with neighbors who reportedly dubbed it “Madison Square Garden up on the hill.”



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