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Bonus Watch '13: Bank Of America

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Apparently some did not fare as well as others.

From the front lines:

"Bonuses for first year associates bankers in consumer and retail group ranged from 25k-50k. Everyone is irate and morale is at an all time low."


Bonus Watch '13: Bank Of America

A few details from the House of Moynihan's IBD bonus communication day, which was said to leave people feeling "glum."

Bonus Watch '13: Deutsche Bank

The good news: there will still be bonuses this year, which is something! The even better news, for those who'd describe themselves as fans of tantric bonuses: it'll be a while before you see it all.

Bonus Watch '15: Goldman Sachs > Morgan Stanley > Bank of America

And backing up the rear for bonus across the pond: Société Générale.

Quitting Watch '13: Bank of America

A whole bunch of mini Moynihans are said to have left the building.