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Super Bowl XLVII: Everybody Wins

Except for, you know, the team that loses.
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Except for, you know, the team that loses.

The Super Bowl indicator is one of the market’s odder forecasting tools. It can’t be explained in any rational way. However, the indicator tells us that when an “original” NFL wins the Super Bowl, the market will rise, and it’s got an 80% track record.

This year, though, features two teams that can be considered “original” NFL teams: the San Francisco 49ers, founded in 1946, and the Baltimore Ravens. While the Ravens, per se, date back to only 1996, the franchise moved to Charm City from Cleveland, where they were called the Browns. So the franchise dates back to 1946 (in the old AAFL; they became an NFL team in 1950).

Super Bowl Indicator Points to a Good Year for Stocks No Matter Who Wins [WSJ MarketBeat blog]


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