Write-Offs: 01.29.13


$$$Chesapeake CEO McClendon steps down after year of tumult [Reuters]

$$$ "Herbalife has owned 'therealbillackman.com,' 'billackman.net' and 'therealackman.net' since Jan. 18, according to Go Daddy’s database of registered domain names. So far, the sites are inactive." [NYP]

$$$How should central banks think about the financial system? [Free Exchange]

$$$ "It’s time to revive a British financial innovation from the 18th century: perpetual bonds." [Slate / Matt Yglesias, related?]

$$$Lotus 1-2-3 is 30 years old [kottke]

$$$Ex-Nomura banker turned sex guru says banking is bad for sexual health [EFC]

$$$ Prelude Capital is looking for an administrative assistant in New York [DBCC]

$$$Highbridge's Dubin and York's Dinan make bullish case for equities [AR]

$$$Spread dispersion in the high yield market is very high [Bond Vigilantes]

$$$ "In this case, for both Icahn and Ackman the money at stake was trivial, so they were able to indulge in litigation as sport." [Koncision]

$$$Sean Parker, ‘Dean of the Davos Party Scene,’ One-Ups Himself with Laser Taxidermy [BetaBeat]

$$$ "The Jets have just one county — Nassau County." Seems right [Deadspin]

$$$Men Arrested for $65,000 Chicken-Wing Heist [Grub Street]


Write-Offs: 3.2.16

Aubrey McClendon dead in car crash; Goldman to drop bid on Russian bond deal; Father of modern IPO retires; Farmer Uses Manure To Spell Out 'No Trump'; and more.

Write-Offs: 05.08.12

$$$ Greek left attacks ‘barbarous’ austerity [FT] $$$ Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook [WSJ/FT/CNBC/Reuters] $$$ Freddie Mac Chooses CEO [WSJ] $$$ After McClendon's trades, Chesapeake board gave blessing [Reuters] $$$ Tim Sykes is still doing things [BetaBeat, earlier] $$$ "A bank robbery, in our imagination, provides the robber with a one-off high-risk opportunity to become incredibly wealthy, in comparatively guilt-free fashion: No one but the corporation loses any money, so, what the fuck? That used to be the case, but due to inflation — as well as a host of other factors — it no longer is." [The Billfold] $$$ CIBC Global Asset Management is looking for a high yield VP in Toronto [DBCC] $$$ House Republicans are complaining that the Fed is helping the economy too much, causing House Republicans not to want to help the economy [Real Time Economics] $$$ Could a Stock ETF Cloak Its Portfolio? [WSJ] $$$ Green Mountain Chairman Replaced After Stock Sales [WSJ] $$$ Nomura is growing headcount [Bloomberg] $$$ “It lived alongside our ancestors, and it probably ate them,” said Christopher Brochu, an associate professor of geoscience at the University of Iowa and a study author. “We don’t actually have fossil human remains with croc bites, but the crocs were bigger than today’s crocodiles, and we were smaller, so there probably wasn’t much biting involved.” [Bloomberg]

Write-Offs: 12.04.12

$$$ U.S. Banks See Strong Profit [WSJ] $$$ U.S. court says Argentina does not need to make $250 mln deposit [Reuters] $$$ Former Goldman Director Gupta to Stay Free Pending His Appeal [DealBook] $$$ Banks book record profits off Fannie and Freddie [Term Sheet, related] $$$ "The online brokerage of Bank of America Merrill Lynch rolled out something it is calling Face Retirement. ... Here’s how it works: It’s a website that takes your current image, using a web cam, and makes you old and decrepit — the kind of person who will need some cash socked away." [Deal Journal] $$$ "Prosecutors said there is no such thing as a $500 million Federal Reserve note" [UPI] $$$ The CME is looking for an executive director for equity index products [DBCC] $$$ Corporate bond "turnover has not collapsed 80 percent in the same way as dealer inventory, and in fact daily volumes are on a par with where they were in 2007." [Bond Vigilantes] $$$ CME Deliverable ‘Swap Futures’ See Comfortable Debut [MarketBeat] $$$ High Rollers Are Still Big Losers 18 Months After Online Poker's "Black Friday" [BuzzFeed, also MR: "Even if some of these sites were fraudulent, one wonders if the players would not have better off without government 'protection.'"] $$$ The "gentleman groper" is a lawyer, not a banker [ATL, earlier] $$$ "Can a dog be trained to drive a car? New Zealand's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals proved it could be done." [CBS, video!!!]