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Bill Ackman Is A Billionaire

Which is nice, although Carl Icahn is a billionaire 20 times over, and the richest alternative investment fund manager on Earth.
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Which is nice, although Carl Icahn is a billionaire 20 times over, and the richest alternative investment fund manager on Earth.

Also: Steve Cohen just missed out on being a member of the 11-figure club. And Phil Falcone is somehow still a billionaire.

Carl Icahn is the wealthiest hedge fund or private equity manager in the world, according to the list, on which he placed 26th with $20 billion. The list is led once again by Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu and Bill Gates, with fortunes of $73 billion and $67 billion, respectively.

There were at least 76 alternatives billionaires on the list, which hit a record 1,426 members this year with a record combined net worth of $5.4 trillion. Seven of the alts. magnates made the top 100 with fortunes of at least $10 billion: George Soros ($19.2 billion), Dell Inc. and MSD Capital founder Michael Dell ($15.3 billion), Bridgewater Associates' Ray Dalio ($12.5 billion), buyout kingpin Ronald Perelman ($12.2 billion), Renaissance Technologies' James Simons ($11.7 billion), and Paulson & Co.'s John Paulson ($11.2 billion). SAC Capital Advisors' Steven Cohen just missed the cut, with $9.3 billion.

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