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Corporate Leaders Will Punish America For Not Making Paul Ryan Vice President

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Having reluctantly agreed that they should pay slightly higher taxes once it became a fait accompli, America's CEOs simply can't believe that President Obama won't meet them nine-tenths of the way. So they have a plan to make the 47% 51%, and everyone else, pay.

In the survey, 72% of CEOs said they expect sales to grow in the next six months, up from 58% who held that view three months earlier. But only 29% of those executives expect hiring to increase during that time–the same as the prior survey.

The survey was taken just before across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester kicked in this month, but Mr. McNerney said the muted optimism largely reflects the drag on the economy from federal budget reductions.

“Lurching from one crisis to another in D.C. puts a damper on long-term investment,” he said. If lawmakers could provide a clear path on debt reduction, tax reform and regulation, the economy would be growing at a much stronger pace–more in line with previous recoveries, the Boeing CEO said.

CEO Optimism Tempered by Washington Gridlock [WSJ Real Time Economics blog]


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