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Erin Callan Is Perfectly Happy, Damnit

The former Lehman CFO is mystified that her recent New York Times column would make people think she was unhappy.
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The former Lehman CFO is mystified that her recent New York Times column would make people think she was unhappy.

“I feel like I got to live an amazing life, and I’m still living an amazing life. But there was a time that came, naturally, for reflection,” Ms. Callan says in excerpts of the NBC interview released Friday morning. “There was a punctuation point in my life....”

Ms. Callan expressed regret in The Times essay about how she let her work consume her life. But it was “surprising” to her that some readers interpreted that to mean she was “very sad,” Ms. Callan says in the new interview.

I mean, what sounds so bad about any of the following?

  • "Work always came first, before my family, friends and marriage—which ended just a few years later."
  • "Since I resigned… amid mounting chaos and a cloud of public humiliation…"
  • "Like everyone, though, I did have relationships—a spouse, friends and family—and none of them got the best version of me. They got what was left over."
  • "When I left my job, it devastated me. I couldn't just rally and move on."
  • "I can't make up for lost time."
  • "I worked hard for 20 years and can now spend the next 20 focused on other things. But that is not balance. I do not wish that for anyone."
  • "I am beginning to realize that I sold myself short. I was talented, intelligent and energetic. It didn't have to be so extreme."
  • "I didn’t have to be on my BlackBerry from my first moment in the morning to my last moment at night. I didn’t have to eat the majority of my meals at my desk. I didn’t have to fly overnight to a meeting in Europe on my birthday. I now believe that I could have made it to a similar place with at least some better version of a personal life. Not without sacrifice—I don’t think I could have 'had it all'—but with somewhat more harmony."

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