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Four-Story Penthouse Based On An Algorithm Includes 80 Foot Slide, "Peekaboo Walls," And Cat Gyms

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To help architect David Hotson along, his mathematically minded client sent him his dissertation, about an algorithm capable of discerning the structure underpinning complex sequences of symbols: a Bach partita, a human genome, a sonnet...The result is a place of inspired confusion. Walls splay outward and floors slope. Daylight flows in through hidden windows -- bouncing off walls, bleaching out shadows and wreaking havoc with all sense of depth. Wherever you stand, you can look through to other levels without quite comprehending how they relate. The occupants -- a husband and wife who declined to be identified -- wanted their starship outfitted with the perks of perpetual childhood (although they have no children of their own): Ladders lead to hidden lofts, a swing dangles in front of a fireplace and a steel column rising 40 feet (12 meters) from the living room to the rafters is equipped with rubber handholds and a harness, so you can get in a quick climb before breakfast and rappel down before your cappuccino’s finished frothing. The two cats have a gym of their own, a series of secret passageways buried in the walls and leading to a window that looks down upon their masters’ bed...From the attic, there’s even a bird’s-eye view of a guest bed; visitors should consider themselves forewarned. Navigating the place requires dexterity and courage. On the spiral staircase, for instance, every step is different. Fortunately, there’s a smoother route down: a great shiny tube that wends its way through the house like a stainless steel intestine.

New York Penthouse Inspired by Algorithm Has 4-Story Slide [Bloomberg Markets Magazine]