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The Children's Investment Fund Now Just The Investment Fund

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When Chris Hohn set up his hedge fund nine years ago, he came up with a cute little marketing gimmick. He'd give one-third of the fund's management fees—and a whole lot more if it did well—to a charity benefiting children. He dubbed his creation, The Children's Investment Fund.

Carl Icahn undoubtedly thinks that the scheme is bullshit, but it (and/or Hohn's skill/luck in the markets) worked, and now TCI is running almost $10 billion. And he's built up The Children's Investment Fund Foundation's endowment to in excess of £2 billion.

This, evidently, is enough to solve the problems surrounding "child survival, educational achievement, and nutrition and hunger."

The Children’s Investment Fund, the hedge fund run by activist investor Chris Hohn, has stopped giving a portion of its fees to the children’s charity run by Hohn’s wife Jamie, according to two people familiar with the situation.

The fund stopped making contributions to the foundation during 2012, “mainly because the foundation is large enough,” one of the people said.

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