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Write-Offs: 03.18.13

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$$$TEXT-Eurogroup statement on Cyprus [Reuters]

$$$Cyprus Bank Deposits Returned Almost Twice Germany’s Since 2008 [Bloomberg]

$$$Avenue prepares for life post-Lasry [Fortune]

$$$ "The cheetahs are essentially singing that old Billy Idol tune: 'Oh dancing with myself / Well there’s nothing to lose / And there’s nothing to prove / I’ll be dancing with myself.'" - Bart Chilton on wash trades [CFTC]

$$$ Lululemon is recalling some yoga pants for being too see-through [Lululemon]

$$$United Airlines Accidentally Sends Phoenix-Bound Dog to Ireland [Gawker]

$$$JPMorgan’s Whale Advocated ‘Young’ Trader Who Later Took His Job [Bloomberg]

$$$JPMorgan wins dismissal of silver price-fixing lawsuit [Reuters]

$$$ "In states with contingent liability, banks used less leverage and converted each dollar of capital into fewer loans, and thus could survive larger loan losses (as a fraction of their portfolio) than banks in limited liability states." [NBER]

$$$The Hurdles to a Higher Offer for Dell [DealBook]

$$$$175,000 Mattress Sold as 'Investment' in Good Sleep [CNBC]

$$$ "Sheriff's deputies arrested a Port Charlotte man Sunday for swinging a sword and cutting his brother over an argument about buying synthetic marijuana." [Herald-Tribune]


Write-Offs: 03.21.13

$$$ Cyprus Plans Bank Restructuring to Save Rescue [WSJ] $$$ S&P Cuts Rating on Cyprus by One Notch to Triple-C [Reuters] $$$ Hedge funds storm back into form [FT] $$$ Lululemon Sheer Yoga Pants Undetected Until Bend-Over Test [Bloomberg] $$$ Former MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan Quit New York To Work On Hydroponic Organic Farm [TPM] $$$ Once-obese Goldman analyst becomes fitness evangelical, gym CEO [Reuters] $$$ Southeastern had eyed joining Dell buyout group [Reuters] $$$ Gold Giants Shrink to Fit as Paulson Pushes Breakup [Bloomberg] $$$ "And there was this dichotomy, like dumb versus smart money. We're smart money; they're dumb money. We are so smart that we deserve their money. It was essentially kind of an entitlement. And it was really unattractive to me. I spent a lot of time at lunch trying to understand the mindset of, like, how does being good at math give us the right to do this?" [EconTalk] $$$ A Watermelon, a Golf Course, a Horse, and Monstrous Dogs: 12 New Paintings from George W. Bush [Gawker]

Write-Offs: 03.01.13

$$$ Here's Warren Buffett's shareholder letter [BRK/A] $$$ JPMorgan No. 1 Investment Bank Amid a Flurry of New Deals [Bloomberg] $$$ Goldman Sachs trims risk-taking to lowest level in 7 years [Reuters] $$$ Look Out, Wall Street: The Goldman Sachs Partners Ball Is Back [DI] $$$ Groupon CEO Andrew Mason's severance: $378.36 [CNN] $$$ An investment bank is looking for a head of investment advisory compliance in New York [DBCC] $$$ SecondMarket to Launch Student-Loan Securities Platform [WSJ] $$$ Give us a formula, Argentina [FTAV] $$$ MBIA flags 'going concern' doubts, liquidation risk for unit [Reuters] $$$ New York Men Looking for Sequester Sex on Craigslist [DI]

Write-Offs: 1.8.16

Steve Cohen; Aramco IPO; Worst week ever; RZA on Shkreli; and more.