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DLA Piper Asks Its Lawyers To Come Up With Less-Incriminating Terms For 'Churn That Bill, Baby' Mode

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Better yet, keep all of that and "inappropriate humor" out of e-mails or any other written records altogether, lest another client takes issue with your "sweeping practice of overbilling."

Which is not to say the problem here is overbilling. The problems are loose lips and tight-fisted clients.

DLA Piper’s leadership sent an e-mail throughout the firm defending its ethics, integrity and reputation for high-quality and cost-efficient legal services. It also gave its lawyers suggestions for how to discuss the “inappropriate e-mail humor” with clients.

“It is unfortunate that the unprofessional behavior of these lawyers by writing those e-mails has distracted attention away from the fact that a client refused to pay his bills,” the statement said.

So, to prevent future such distractions, please over statements like the following:

“I hear we are already 200k over our estimate — that’s Team DLA Piper!” wrote Erich P. Eisenegger, a lawyer at the firm.

Another DLA Piper lawyer, Christopher Thomson, responded to the e-mail, noting that a third colleague, Vincent J. Roldan, was also recruited to work on the matter.

“Now Vince has random people working full time on random research projects in standard ‘churn that bill, baby!’ mode,” Mr. Thomson wrote. “That bill shall know no limits."

Settling Fee Dispute, Law Firm Denounces 'E-Mail Humor' [DealBook]


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