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OAO Sberbank’s London Office Seeking Replacement For Resident Nickname-Giver (5 Years Experience LOLing At Own Jokes Preferred, Not Required)

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David Longmuir, head of equity sales at OAO Sberbank’s London unit, agreed to step down after being accused of referring to a colleague as “Ms. Cokehead,” according to two people with knowledge of the matter. Colleagues on the equity sales desk, all men, created a hostile work environment and displayed “a demeaning and offensive attitude to women,” Svetlana Lokhova alleged in documents from her U.K. employment tribunal claim against Sberbank CIB. Lokhova took a leave of absence in January 2012 and hasn’t returned since. Lokhova accused Longmuir of sending e-mails to clients saying they were “awaiting arriving of Ms. Cokehead,” and “they’ve hired mad Svetlana to do equity sales,” according to her claim. [Bloomberg]


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