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Stanford Business School, Animal In Peril Need Your Help! (UPDATE)

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There's not a lot of time, so we'll get right to it:

From: redacted at Stanford GSB
Date: Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 2:02 PM
Subject: [blastmsg] Dove Rescue Mission (Schwab Lobby)
To: "GSB-Blast-All"


There is a dove trapped inside the Schwab Lobby. The animal can't get out and it is just about starving to death after four days. Folks at the front desk have tried a number of approaches to no avail. The bird is spatially disoriented and appears too scared to come down. I'm reaching out for ideas that can help the animal find its way out before it perishes up there.

If you have any of the following items get in touch with the Schwab front desk:

-An RC helicopter: they have already tried with a mini but the winds in the lobby make it hard to operate. What is needed is a larger one. Particularly helpful would be a quad with a camera (currently no line of sight).

-Balloons or something that can take food/water up and stay stationary for a bit (so the animal can approach it).

-Another dove as visual cue toward the exit: if we attach a string to the second dove and release it into the lobby and then gently pull it down and out then the trapped dove might follow suit.

Other ideas?

Thanks for your help guys

We're not even bird people and yet this tugs at the heartstrings. If you've got any better ideas (and you must, because you've seen the well-intentioned if slightly misguided ones above) PLEASE SHARE AT THIS TIME.

UPDATE: "The dove flew down from the roof and, despite being weak, has been released back into the wild."


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