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Write-Offs: 04.23.13

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$$$Apple Returning $55 Billion to Investors as Forecast Trails [Bloomberg]

$$$Chesapeake, Bank of New York, square off in bond trial [Reuters]

$$$Marc Lasry: I'm Not Leaving For Paris [AR]

$$$Ron Paul on Bitcoin: If I can't put it in my pocket, I have reservations [Bloomberg TV]

$$$ When Mr. Mower attempted to talk to his wife about the problem, she changed the subject. He tried whispering in her ear. She ignored him. After reading online that women are turned on by men who do housework, he washed the dishes and vacuumed more often...Months stretched into years. Mr. Mower tracked their sex life in a notebook he kept in his nightstand. He drew a chart and filled in different-shaped dots to represent various scenarios: He initiated sex but was declined. They planned on sex but didn't follow through. They actually had sex. Mr. Mower says he was rebuffed 95% of the time; his wife says his memory is highly subjective. [WSJ]

$$$HSBC to Cut Around 1,150 Jobs [WSJ]

$$$Hedge Funds Heavy Hitters Pitch at Yankee Stadium [CNBC]

$$$Michael Bay Shows No Remorse For ‘Armageddon’ [SJ, earlier]