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Write-Offs: 04.25.13

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$$$Bernanke Says Alternatives to Libor Being Considered [Bloomberg]

$$$Herbalife Elects Two Carl Icahn-Backed Board Members [CNBC]

$$$US Jobless Claims Near 5-Year Low [WSJ]

$$$Unemployment Hits New Highs In Spain, France [WSJ]

$$$ New Yorkers have more “affair dates” at Blue Fin in Times Square than at any other restaurant in the city, according to a survey by a Web site that promotes infidelity. [NYP]

$$$Blacktone Buys Atlanta Homes in Largest Bulk Rental Trade [Bloomberg]

$$$Drop In Borrowing Squeezes US Banks [WSJ]

$$$@billclinton arrives on Twitter [NYDN, Twitter]


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Write-Offs: 6.22.15

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