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Are You Licensed To Practice Law In The State Of New York?

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Do you want to take on a man who would rather shave off his eyebrows than pay his ex-wife a dime? Do you relish the opportunity to oppose an army of highly-paid corporate lawyers with tens of thousands times the resources at their disposal? Are you not spooked by the prospect of serving as the third in a series of lawyers on a case? Then give Patricia Cohen a call.

Lawyers representing the ex-wife of SAC Capital Advisors LP founder Steven A. Cohen in her racketeering lawsuit against her ex-husband asked a court to let them withdraw from the case. The lawyers, Howard Foster and Matthew Galin, said in court papers filed today in Manhattan federal court that the move is “a mutual decision” reached with Patricia Cohen. Cohen hired the lawyers in 2010 to represent her in the suit, filed a year earlier, in which she alleged her ex-husband cheated her out of money in their 1990 divorce, Foster and Galin said. Patricia Cohen intends to retain new counsel within 30 days, the lawyers said.

Lawyers for Cohen’s Ex-Wife Seek to Withdraw From Case [Bloomberg]


New York Mets Might Want To Savor Their Time Under The Tutelage Of Steve Cohen

...because they're about their last! SAC Capital Advisors founder Steven Cohen is the front-runner to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers. Reports earlier this week indicated that Cohen's bid for the baseball team was a couple hundred million dollars less than that made by former baseball executive Stan Kasten and Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson. But Cohen's bid now matches the Kasten-Johnson offer of $1.6 billion—and at least half of Cohen's purchase price would come in the form of cash. Indeed, Cohen, who last month bought a small stake in the New York Mets, which he would have to give up if approved to buy the California team, may already be planning for the Dodgers' future. He has reportedly spoken with former Major League manager Tony La Russa about taking the team over under a Cohen regime. [FinAlternatives]