Charlie Gasparino Isn't Saying He Was Responsible For The Marathon Being Canceled But They Probably Would Have Run It If He Kept Quiet


It may not be light beach reading, but Charlie didn’t earn his place on the Wall Street by writing children’s stories. “I pissed off a lot of Manhattanites when I said the marathon needed to be canceled before everybody realized how things were in Staten Island and Jersey,” he says. “The next day they called it off. Not because of me, but the racket I made didn’t hurt.” [DMNYC; Earlier: What Fate Awaits The Next People To Question Charlie Gasparino's Reporting?]


Charlie Gasparino: Rumors Government Is Planning To Nail Four On Wall Street Probably Only Rumors But Listen Up Anyway

Point: "The latest urban legend to spread on trading desks and through the executive suites on Wall Street goes something like this: coming this fall, as President Obama makes his final push for a second term, his Justice Department will finally give the public what it wants in the form of an arrest of a major Wall Street figure for his role in the financial crisis. The men at the top of this "October Surprise" list are two of the more infamous figures in the banking business: former Lehman Brothers chief executive Dick Fuld and current Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein. Using the Justice Department for political purposes is, of course, pretty sleazy." Counterpoint: "...But after speaking to my law enforcement sources -- and you can throw people who work at the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department in this category -- I give low probability for this urban legend coming to fruition." Regardless: "Here's what I am told, confirmed by two senior law enforcement officials involved in the insider trading probe: investigators are looking at charging someone they describe as a "big fish." The person has been described as someone I would know, which since I cover Wall Street, means that it's a major financial type implicated in the matter. I cannot be certain of this because my sources refused to provide any additional details; the case isn't complete. It involves cooperators, which means that it might go forward or it might not. So the October Surprise is a very real possibility, much to delight of journalists like myself. But before rejoicing we in the media should take a deep breath. These same law enforcement sources investigating insider trading among Wall Street fat cats and other corporate titans are also looking at the alleged improprieties of a major journalist who covers stocks. That case, like the other, isn't completed, but both have been described as "moving forward." In other words, stay tuned. An October Surprise On Wall Street [HP]