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Danielle Chiesi Is Back

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For many people, prison is a terrible place that breaks their spirit and turns them into a shell of the person they once were. They grow bitter. They harden. Their looks take a hit. Two people for whom time in a correctional facility actually seems to have served them quite well? The currently incarcerated Raj Rajaratnam, who is said to be in quite "good spirits" and looking fantastic, to boot, and the recently released (early for good behavior) Danielle Chiesi, who looks GOOD and feels GREAT.

Chiesi, who did a 15-month stint at a West Virginia prison camp for passing illegal stock tips to hedge-fund manager Raj Rajaratnam, returned in January to New York City and has been living at a federal halfway house in the north Bronx. “It’s good to be back,” a svelte Chiesi, wearing a white sleeveless peplum top, jeans and pink and white scarf, said yesterday as she left a residence she shares with other newly freed prisoners. “I feel good. I feel great.”

According to Bloomberg DC did her best to keep things tight under the circumstances by running and "exercising in a sparse gym that lacked weights." Also:

Chiesi said she earned respect from fellow inmates because she hadn’t cooperated with prosecutors. “Not being a rat works,” she said.

Chiesi Swaps Cell for Halfway House After Insider Scandal [Bloomberg]
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