Hedge Fund Manager Loses 85% On Actual Bet


Some hedge fund managers—Marc Lasry, for instance—are known to be aficionados of poker. Some—David Einhorn comes to mind—are known to be quite good at it.

Talal Shakerchi, unbowed though he might be, may no longer qualify for the latter accolade, having blown nearly an entire lifetime's winnings in one night.

A hedge-fund tycoon reportedly blew £850,000 during Europe’s biggest cash poker game.

Banker Talal Shakerchi joined five other fat cats who each staked 500,000 euros (£424,112) for an unofficial game at the European Poker Tour in Monaco last weekend.

The 49-year-old, who is worth an estimated £100million, has won more than £1million in past tournaments….

After losing the small fortune, Sharkerchi said to the remaining two players: “Goodbye, see you guys tomorrow.”

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