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HSBC's New Director Will Not Be Pulling A Rajat Gupta

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You can waterboard him. Pull his finger- and toenails out with rusty pliers. Electrocute his genitals. Make him talk to a House of Commons select committee.

But know this: Jonathan Evans will take HSBC's darkest secrets to the grave.

Jonathan Evans, the former director general of Britain’s MI5, the domestic security and counterintelligence agency, may find that a new career in banking will suit him just fine. HSBC on Friday appointed him as an independent nonexecutive director of its board….

Mr. Evans’s appointment comes amid a renewed focus at the British bank on compliance and governance after HSBC agreed in December to pay $1.92 billion to settle money laundering charges, including accusations by American authorities that the bank allowed Mexican drug cartels to launder money.

Mr. Evans, 55, will also join HSBC’s financial system vulnerabilities committee, which the bank set up earlier this year….

Mr. Evans joined the security service in 1980, working on counterespionage investigations. Ten days before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Mr. Evans was promoted to MI5’s management board as director of international counterterrorism. He became director general of MI5 in 2007 before retiring from the service in April.

At HSBC, a Board Member Who Can Keep Secrets [NYT]
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