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If You'd Like To Put All Your Money Into An Investment Idea Without Knowing What It Is, Do We Have A Literally Named Company For You

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Here at Dealbreaker we have a strict policy of not providing investment advice but I think I can make an exception for All In Blind, Inc., the best-named blank check IPO candidate since Great Idea Corp.:

All In Blind, Inc. ("Blind" or the "Company"), incorporated in the State of Nevada1 on July 29, 2011, to engage in any lawful corporate undertaking, including, but not limited to, selected mergers and acquisitions. ... The Company was formed by Adri Chimberoff, the initial director, for the purpose of creating a corporation which could be used to consummate a merger or acquisition. Ms. Chimberoff serves as President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director. Ms. Chimberoff determined next to proceed with filing a Form S-1. Ms. Chimberoff has no specific experience, qualification, attributes or skills to perform as a director of a blank check company nor in the acquisition of acquisition candidates. ...

In addition to his [sic] positions with the Company, Mrs. Chimberoff has worked at Penny Lane the Salon for 13 years as a Cosmetologist and Salon Manager. Mrs. Chimberoff’s management experience allows for a basic understanding of the financials and operations of a business which will give Mrs. Chimberoff a basis for evaluating potential merger/acquisition candidates.

Buy! Also: at this point we pretty much have to do a Dealbreaker-sponsored blank check IPO, no? What should we call it? All the best names are taken.

All In Blind, Inc.: Form S-1/A [EDGAR]

1.Naturally. Btw if you enjoy poker terminology, or poker generally, you must read this, it is amazing.