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Jack Lew Wary Of What He's Seeing From Japan, Others

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Not Tim Geithner wants wily central banks around the world—well, the one in Tokyo, anyway—to know that he's on to them.

"The world community has made clear that domestic tools that are designed to deal with domestic growth are within the bounds of what the international community thinks is appropriate," he said. "But policies that are targeted to affect exchange rates are not. As long as they [Japan] stay within the bounds of those international agreements, I think growth is an important priority. We've made it clear we'll keep an eye on that."

And lest the Europeans think he's been distracted from their up-fucking: Think again.

"We would very much like to see more growth outside of the U.S., here in Europe in particular," he said. "Europe is going to have to do better. Countries like China are going to have to do better. We need to do our part, which we're determined to do, but each part of the world is going to have to grow for this recovery to really be what we need it to be."

Lew: Vigilance Needed on Stimulus [WSJ]


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He's not just playing Angry Birds and eating in the government cafeteria, folks.