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Layoffs Watch '13: Credit Suisse (Update)

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Cuts are a' coming at the House Of Dougan.

Fewer than 100 employees should be worried about HR asking if they have "a quick sec to chat" in a conference room where crying the crying will be less obvious, but each and every CSFB'er counts. On the bright side, the cuts are scheduled to take place between May 30 and August 4, so Summer 2013 is yours for the taking!

Update: Apparently "a bunch of people in fixed income were let go within the past few weeks...Rate sales/MBS."


Layoffs Watch '13: Credit Suisse

More cuts a-comin' for the House of Dougan.

Layoffs Watch '12: Credit Suisse

Cuts are going down at the House of Dougan today. From the front lines: "Layoffs started at Credit Suisse this morning, across the investment bank. All levels affected, including a good amount of senior guys." Apparently these reductions are part of a round cuts announced last year and were to be expected (though the "let's have a chat" from HR this morning may still have been a slight surprise for those being asked to take a seat).

Layoffs Watch: Credit Suisse

The House Of Dougan has apparently said Do svidaniya to a handful of comrades.

Layoffs Watch '15: Credit Suisse

Analysts think the appointment of Tidjane Thiam is probably a sign big cuts are coming to IBD.