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Patricia Cohen Has New Representation

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Following yesterday's resignation of PC's most recent lawyer, Howard Foster, in her case against Steve Cohen, who she claims hid millions from her during their divorce 20+ years ago, the ex-wife that could has hired herself a third attorney.

Patricia Cohen has hired Joshua L. Dratel, a New York trial lawyer, to represent her after a federal appeals court revived her lawsuit last month. He is expected to formally enter the case as soon as Wednesday, according to people briefed on the matter...Mr. Cohen and Ms. Cohen, who have two grown children, had been separated for about 20 years when Ms. Cohen first sued him. She said that at the time of their divorce settlement, Mr. Cohen misstated his net worth. He said he was worth $18.2 million, but had conspired with his brother and a business partner to hide at least $5.5 million in assets connected to a real estate deal, Ms. Cohen alleged. She first sought $300 million in damages, but in an amended complaint last year she substantially reduced her claim to $10 million. She also withdrew accusations related to insider trading at SAC.

If the third time does not prove to be a charm, rest assured it appears likely Patty C will go through however many counselors it takes before she gives this thing up. If she has to put herself through law school over a period of 18 years Hilary Swank-style, SO BE IT.

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