Quitting Watch '13: Brian Moynihan Has Angry Junior Mistmakers On His Hands


A brief follow-up.

FYI, here's a list of people who have left in the last two-three weeks (it's not exhaustive)

  • 5 First year analysts: 1 in Industrials, 2 in FIG, 1 in Energy and Power, 1 in Tech Palo Alto
  • Second year analysts: more than first years, a lot are starting or trying to start their jobs early
  • 1 First Year Associate: E&P Houston
  • A dozen Second Year Associates: 3 in consumer (not counting the 6 from earlier this year), 2 in Healthcare, ~2 in FIG, 1 in M&A, 1 in TMT.

Yes, people tend leave at this time of the year but this high of a volume is NOT typical and certainly wasnt the case last year.

Some of the remaining associates are openly interviewing (phone interviews in the conference room and stepping out in the middle of the day with a stack of resumes). We are getting internal circulations of analyst and associate job openings in other groups almost on a daily basis.

Morale is at a very low point and senior management is doing absolutely nothing about it.

This is just the beginning of the exodus.


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