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Reminder: Dealbreaker Trivia Night Is Just Two One Day Away

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Can you tell Noah Freeman from Donald Longueuil? Do you know Wilbur Falcone's memoirs by heart? Do you just like being right about things and everyone else knowing it? Then don't miss out on your chance to put your knowledge of all things Dealbreaker to the test at the first ever Dealbreaker Trivia Night, this Thursday, May 23rd.

Doors open at 7pm, start time is at 7:30pm, at a bar in midtown. Tickets are still available, so get yours by signing up below. Valuable prizes include the must-have a Dealbreaker banker bag (first place), a different thing (second place), and an I Violently Heart Dealbreaker button (third place).

(Please indicate if you already have a teammate(s) you'd like to be grouped with in mind; please note, ALL team members must register. If you're flying solo we'll put you with other singles.)


Coming Soon: Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night Part V

Do you know what you’re doing the evening of Wednesday, June 24th? You do now.