SoFi Answers the Call to Refinance Student Loans and Provides Unique Community Benefits


This is a guest post written by SoFi’s CEO, Mike Cagney.


Recently, there’s been a lot of talk amongst leaders in Washington about how to improve the painful process of repaying student loans. At SoFi, we feel your pain and work hard to offer more flexible, more affordable options for our borrowers. One idea that’s getting a lot of attention is increasing the options for refinancing debt after graduation. The only lender currently focused on refinancing private and federal student loans is SoFi.

We recognized early on that borrowers who have made timely payments on their loans, graduated from school, and have a job should be able to refinance their student loans at a lower interest rate. This may be why, after resuming lending by invitation, the media became increasingly interested in what we are doing.

In a recent article posted on SoFi General Counsel Rob Lavet had this to say about SoFi’s ReFi products:

“We can offer a better deal than the federal government in terms of rates […].We offer borrowers who meet our underwriting criteria a package that pays off their federal and existing private student loans at a rate as low as 5.49%. Some lenders will do a consolidation on private loans, but we're the first lender to offer to refinance a federal loan at a lower rate.”

Journalists from the USA TODAY, The Chronicle for Higher Education, the American Banker among others, also found themselves reporting on how SoFi is “using social communities and offering refinancing of student loans.“ It is this social community aspect that makes refinancing with SoFi so valuable. By connecting borrowers with a community literally invested in their success, the benefits of a SoFi loan go beyond saving money.

How many student lenders do you know that will help unemployed borrowers find a new job? SoFi does just that - engaging with borrowers who are actively looking for new employment opportunities and leveraging the networks of all members eager to help these individuals achieve new heights in their career.

Our Entrepreneur Program is another example of SoFi’s community in action connecting like-minded borrowers and investors in support of new business creation. We combine mentoring sessions for participants with exclusive access to the venture capital community.

SoFi wants to help borrowers realize their goals beyond paying off student debt. Whether seeking employment opportunities, career advice, partners for entrepreneurial ventures, access to industry luminaries, or simply a like-minded network, our members benefit from a supportive community of people vested in one another’s success.

Learn more about SoFi’s refinancing programs and community benefits at


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