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Twitter Unrolls Security Feature That Makes It Slightly More Difficult To Hack Into [Insert News Organization Here] And Crash The Market

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After continued high-profile security breaches over the past year, Twitter Inc. on Wednesday announced it will bring increased security features to users, a way to further verify a user's identity when logging in to his or her profile...The process is much like other two-factor authentication services across the Web. When a user tries to log in to his or her profile, they are asked to provide a cellphone number. Twitter sends an SMS message to that phone, and the user is asked to enter that code to continue the login. The new feature is optional, and must be turned on inside the settings menu...The new feature comes in the wake of a string of widely publicized hacks of visible Twitter accounts, including those owned by news outlets like the Financial Times, the Guardian and others. Most recently, when the Associated Press account was hacked, a single alarmist tweet was enough to send U.S. stock markets into a tailspin, plunging the Dow by upwards of 150 points in a matter of minutes. [WSJ, earlier]


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