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Write-Offs: 05.17.13

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$$$Wall Street Bonuses, Staff Levels to Rise in 2013: Report [Reuters]

$$$Ackman, Investor Group in Contract to Buy a New York Penthouse for Over $90 Million [WSJ]

$$$Regulators Take Hard Line On Exchanges [WSJ]

$$$Is Ticket for $600 Million Powerball Jackpot a Good Bet? [Real Time Economics]

$$$"Mother Nature often works in mysterious ways, but the recent birth of a baby anteater has the staff at a Greenwich conservation center stumped. The mystery begins in August, when Armani, a female giant anteater at the LEO Zoological Conservation Center in Greenwich, gave birth to baby Alice. It was a joyous occasion for all involved, except perhaps for Alf, baby Alice's father. Male anteaters are known to commit infanticide, so Alf had to go. He remained at the center, but was kept away from mom and baby for several months. Fast forward to one morning in April. A tender went into Armani's enclosure and received quite a shock. Armani, sometime during the previous night, had given birth to another baby. The sudden appearance of little Archie was a surprise, to say the least. The gestation period for anteaters is six months. Armani and Alf had not been back together long enough to do what they needed to do to put the cycle of life into gear a second time. The staff at the conservation center immediately got to wondering. Either this was a case of immaculate anteater conception, or Alf had somehow gotten the keys to Armani's pen one night in October." [Greenwich Time]

$$$Purloined Picassos Chased by FBI Art Sleuths for Wealthy [Bloomberg]

$$$Rajat Gupta's Lust For Zeros [NYT]

$$$Potsdam Man Accused Of Rubbing Pepperoni On His Pepperoni [WNYTV]


Write-Offs: 7.24.15

Fed accidentally releases confidential info; Square to go public; Funds holding gold net-short position; "An Ohio woman whose house was damaged by a fire said she believes her 'cousin' set the fire intentionally because 'he can't get with' her"; and more.

Write-Offs: 10.22.12

$$$ Yahoo Sales, Profit Top Estimates Amid Mayer Turnaround [Bloomberg] $$$ Farallon’s Founder to Leave by Year End [DealBook] $$$ BofA-Merrill Hires Top Broker From Morgan Stanley [Deal Journal] $$$ The World Financial Center will be renamed "Brookfield Place" [NYO] $$$ Marissa Mayer's baby is named Macallister Bogue [Fortune] $$$ Sorry, nerds: Popular kids earn more in the long run [WonkBlog] $$$ William Blair is recruiting for an Analyst - Special Situations & Restructuring to join the Corporate Finance team in Chicago [DBCC] $$$ Is Mary Schapiro leaving the SEC soon? [FBN] $$$ CLOs stage comeback in US [FT] $$$ McSweeney's has a financial economist talking about debt [McSweeney's] $$$ "Is he a Columbia asshole or a Harvard asshole? The answer is important, because those are two very different types of asshole. Both are obsessed with showing you how smart they are, but the Columbia asshole does it by telling you everything he knows, while the Harvard asshole does it by acting bored with whatever you say. The Harvard variety is at least laid back, and the Columbia variety can be interesting; but put them together and you have a world-weary pest." [NR via IvyGate] $$$ Heinz Counterfeiting Operation Ends in Ketchup Explosion [Grub Street]