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Write-Offs: 05.29.13

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$$$Sallie Mae to split into two companies, names new CEO [Reuters]

$$$Buffett’s MidAmerican to Buy NV Energy in $5.6 Billion Deal [Bloomberg]

$$$Volcker Cautions Federal Reserve May ‘Fall Short’ [Bloomberg]

$$$Empire State Building Investors Approve IPO Plan [Reuters]

$$$ A drunken driver was having sex when he lost control of his car Monday night and crashed the vehicle, ejecting his naked female companion onto a New Mexico roadway, police report. According to cops, Luis Briones, 25, ran a red light and slammed his Ford Explorer into another car on an Albuquerque street. The impact of the collision forced Natasha Carroll, 21, from Briones’s SUV. With a bloodied Carroll lying in the road, Briones got back into his vehicle and attempted to flee the accident scene, witnesses told Albuquerque Police Department officers. After one witness confiscated his keys, Briones “then jumped into a bush, landing and attempting to hide in a cactus.” [The Smoking Gun]

$$$Myanmar to Quadruple Economy by 2030: McKinsey [CNBC]

$$$Muppets Accused of Malpractice? [ATL]

$$$Larry Fink: Dow 28,000 Possible in 6 Years [CNBC]

$$$James Lipton Was A Pimp [HP]


Write-Offs: 4.22.15

$2.15 billion fine for Deutsche; RBC is starting an investment bank in Paris; Dalio, Bernanke and Summers walk into a bar...; "Another woman yelled out her window, ‘Shut your f--ing windows you wh*re!’” the complainant added; and more.

Write-Offs: 6.4.15

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