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Write-Offs: 05.30.13

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$$$Morgan Stanley Lowers Ambitions [WSJ]

$$$AIG drops a lawsuit versus NY Fed over Maiden Lane: filing [Reuters]

$$$KKR appoints Petraeus as chairman of its Global Institute [AP]

$$$ The number of Harvard College’s graduating seniors going to work on Wall Street increased to 15 percent this year from 9 percent last year, according to an annual survey. Even with the increase, the figure is still down from before the global credit crisis when, in 2007, 47 percent of the graduating class said it was taking jobs in finance. [Bloomberg]

$$$ Joe Corlett doesn't mince words. The Sarasota man is suing Michigan's Oakland University for throwing him out. His daily journal is the reason why. Titled "Hot For Teacher," it was assigned day one by his instructor, Pamela Mitzelfeld. She thought it was inappropriate and turned it into the dean. The university expelled Corlett, saying the journal violated the school's harassment policy. Corlett said that's nonsense. "It says specifically in the syllabus that we are to record our first impressions of people in our day book assignment and that's what I did. I recorded my first impressions of her." So, in one passage Corlett wrote, "Tall, blonde, stacked, skirt, heels, fingernails, smart, articulate, smile." [10News]

$$$Board Director Pay Hits Record $251,000 for 250 Hours [Bloomberg]

$$$Young Ben Bernanke Was A Local Spelling Bee Champion [BI]

$$$ NBC is responding to viewer backlash after the elimination of contestants Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons from “The Voice.” Adam Levine, one of the show’s coaches, added to the controversy when he said “I hate this country” during the last night’s vote as it turned against his team members, who had been among the favorites. Today he attributed the comment to “frustration” with how the voting turned out. “I obviously love my country very much and my comments last night were made purely out of frustration." [Speakeasy]


Write-Offs: 07.02.12

$$$ Manufacturing Slowdown Reaches U.S. [WSJ] $$$ Eurozone unemployment hits record high [FT] $$$ The Fishing Guide Who Hooked Hedge-Fund Titan Bill Ackman [Forbes] $$$ Finns, Dutch cast first doubt on euro zone deal [Reuters] $$$ Old Mitt’s Investment in a Fetus-Disposal Company Is Not a Great Thing for New Mitt [DI] $$$ Morgan Stanley is looking for an executive director to manage its Latam FX options market-making book [DBCC] $$$ JPMorgan Tightens Bond Grip As Whale Loss Weighs [Bloomberg] $$$ Esma probes agencies’ views on banks [FT] $$$ Physicists Inch Closer to Proof of Higgs Boson [NYT] $$$ Justin Bieber Graduates High School [NYT]