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Write-Offs: 05.31.13

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$$$Daniel Mudd, Fannie Mae's Former CEO, Is Doing Awesome [BusinessWeek]

$$$Stock Exchange Seeks to Bring Back Speed Bumps [WSJ]

$$$Casting True Yankees Fans: Wall Street Guys, The Working Man, Hipsters [Deadspin]

$$$SAC Case Tests a Classic Dilemma [NYT]

$$$All Willie Smith Ward wanted was his baby-back ribs, but it cost him 50 years in prison. His problems started when he tucked a large rack under his shirt and tried to leave the H-E-B store at 1102 Speight Ave. without paying in September 2011. A jury in Waco’s 19th State District Court also didn’t like the 43-year-old Ward’s previous five felony and four misdemeanor convictions and recommended that Ward be sentenced to 50 years in prison as a habitual criminal. [WacoTrib]

$$$Cerberus Capital Battles With Japan's Seibu [WSJ]

$$$Gross’s Pimco Total Return Fund Falls 1.9% in May [Bloomberg]

$$$Plane Crashes Into Apartment, Pilot Walks Out Front Door [Jalopnik]


Write-Offs: 09.04.12

$$$ Eurozone demands six-day week for Greece [Guardian] $$$ Hedge funds perplexed by negative Bund yield conundrum [Reuters] $$$ Money market funds want to buy negative-yielding securities, pass the savings on to you [FT] $$$ Moody's: U.S Banking Outlook Negative Despite Stronger Banks [WSJ] $$$ Matt Taibbi says a lot of wrong things about private equity, which is surprising for some reason [Term Sheet] $$$ Jim Cramer's Mad Money is more popular at 3am [NYP] $$$ Sands Capital Management is looking for a senior associate in Virginia for public and private equity, focusing on life sciences [DBCC] $$$ Andrew Ross Sorkin doesn't think you appreciate that Facebook has lost $50 billion in market cap. Let him say that again for emphasis: fifty billion. Fifty billion! [DealBook] $$$ Barclays fired some people for manipulating Libor [Reuters] $$$ "IPhone Price Cuts Send Bond Inflation Bets To 11-Year Low" [Bloomberg] $$$ Felix Salmon's friends spend $410mm a year on wine [Reuters] $$$ Judge Orders Sex-Change Operation for Federal Prisoner [Law Blog] $$$ Fifty billion!