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Austrian Central Banker Came So Very Close To Leaving On A High Note

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Rather than in handcuffs: Austrian National Bank Deputy Governor Wolfgang Duchatczek's last month on the job is proving something less than a valedictory lap.

Vienna prosecutors charged nine people, including the deputy governor of the Austrian National Bank, on Thursday over suspected bribes in banknote contracts with Azerbaijan and Syria.

Wolfgang Duchatczek, 63, and the other suspects face charges of abetting breach of trust, bribery, money laundering and other crimes, prosecutors said in a statement.

The central bank had no comment on the move and said Duchatczek, who is chairman of the central bank's banknote printing unit, would not speak to the media….

Duchatczek is set to leave office on July 11 as his term expires, a central bank spokesman said.

Austrian central banker charged in bribe case [Reuters via Fox Business]



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