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Do You Want To Work For A Company That Pumps Up Its Troops With Rousing Renditions Of R. Kelly Hits?

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Well today's your lucky day: Primerica, Inc, whose executives know full well the power of hearing a baritone belt out the words "If I can see it, then I can be it" like the second coming of Mr. I Wanna Pee On You, is hiring.

About 35,000 people waved towels and banged inflatable noisemakers as Primerica Inc.’s co-Chief Executive Officer John Addison walked across the stage of the Georgia Dome in front of exploding fireworks. “What we need, Primerica needs, is you, you, you in your seat right now, at your best to commit to go to a level you’ve never been,” Addison shouted, pacing and pointing at the salesmen and saleswomen who traveled to Atlanta at their own expense for the insurer’s four-day conference last week. “We are the answer. You are the answer. It’s our time.”

After a choir in red Primerica robes sang R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly,” people lingered past midnight, talking, hugging and dancing under confetti. A 25-year-old store clerk with a full-sleeve tattoo who’d come from Modesto, California, said in an interview that Primerica saved her life. While other companies have cut back on hiring insurance salespeople and stockbrokers to save money during the economic slump, Primerica spreads its brand of financial evangelism with about 90,000 mostly part-time representatives who pay $99 each to sign up.

If that's not enticing enough, consider this:

When Primerica handed out diamond-studded championship rings at the Georgia Dome to people who made more than $100,000 over 12 months for the first time, about 25 couples who had hit the mark since December lined up on stage. A senior who plays high school football has a better chance of making the National Football League than a Primerica recruit has of getting a ring, according to data compiled by the players’ union. Addison, 55, who joined the company 31 years ago, said in an interview that Primerica doesn’t make money from recruiting and that those determined to succeed have a fair chance. “We work hard not to overhype,” Addison said. “We don’t tell people they’re going to get rich. We tell people there’s a shot for you to do something great.”

Go run through that open door.

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