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Introducing His Kid To His Stripper Girlfriend(s) In Violation Of Court Order Just One Of Series Of Mistakes Deutsche Bank Adviser Made En Route To Prison

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He actually made seven of them, to be exact, and while we can't say for sure he regrets them all (some evidence suggests he might be the type of person who'd say dating a couple strippers simultaneously was "worth it"), it's possible he regrets *some* and certainly regrets their cumulative impact. They include:

  • Getting involved with a jealous stripper.
  • Getting involved with another jealous stripper.
  • Introducing both strippers to his daughter in violation of a court order that barred him* from doing so.
  • Taking "compromising" photos with Stripper 1.
  • Letting Stripper 1 find out about Stripper 2.
  • Letting his ex-wife find out about both of them.
  • Not paying his legal bills.

Robert Wheeler, 49, a Deutsche Bank financial adviser, was in a messy 2010 custody fight when he introduced his daughter to an ex-stripper he was dating, says the lawsuit, filed against him in Brooklyn by his own ex-attorney. When that ex-stripper found that Wheeler was also hooking up with another stripper, she sent photos of “her and Wheeler, naked and in compromising positions” to the second woman, the suit states. When that woman sent the photos to Wheeler’s ex-wife and said she met the daughter, too, the wife reported all of that to a judge. The judge sentenced Wheeler to 45 days in jail — for defying an order to not introduce his romantic partners to his young daughter.

The steamy details were in a suit by Wheeler’s former attorney, Linda Mellevold, for $291,623.53 in allegedly unpaid legal fees.

Banker jailed for introducing stripper girlfriends to young daughter - breaking court order [NYP]
*Introducing his kid to "romantic partners" in general, not strippers specifically, though wouldn't it be great if it were the latter, spelled out specifically in light of his known fondness for exotic dancers?


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