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It's A Slippery Slope From Bitching To A Friend About Not Getting Skinny Fast Enough On A Company's Weight Loss Shakes* To Passing Material Non-Public Information About Said Company To Said Friend, Scott London Can Tell You That Much

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CNBC: How did this happen? London: Oh, just through discussions and dinner and so forth...I might say something casual about frustrations at a certain client...and the other individual traded off that, unbeknownst to me. And then he brought it to my attention and then started asking questions and said "Hey, well what's this company doing, what's that company doing," and unfortunately I gave him the information. I never once asked for any money. CNBC: But you didn't turn it down. London: That's correct.

Scott London Speaks Out On Kickbacks [CNBC]
*Just a guess. Maybe they passed on a new line of flavors he suggested?