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Should Ben Bernanke Take Over As Chairman Of Men's Wearhouse?

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It's a legitimate question and when legitimate questions need answering, there is no group of people more fit to answer them than the Dealbreaker community. So let's get right to it.

The facts:

The one thing potentially stopping him:

It's possible, of course, that he could put all that aside for the right price and a package that included a 50% employee discount.

But would he? Should he?

You tell us.

A. Yes. He needs a job, Men's Wearhouse needs a guy, and this guy knows the product better than anyone.

B. No. He wouldn't and shouldn't do that to Jos A. Bank. He's their unofficial spokesman for god's sake.

C. Sure, why not? Hey, JAB is a free to make a more attractive offer. Loyalty is a two-way street in a free-market economy.

D. He should go with whoever offers him a guaranteed minimum of three catalog covers and three nationally televised commercials per year. Just look at him work that Executive 3-Button Wool Suit, would you? They don't teach you that kind of stuff at modeling school.

E. Other (do tell).

Fired Founder Blasts Men's Wearhouse [WSJ]
Related: “I’ve got a driver’s license, my American Express card, a debit card, a Jos. [A.] Bank card where I get my suits, I have a health insurance card. And then I have a variety of other cards, phone numbers, United Airlines, frequent flyer. And I have $45…$75…$85. I’m all set.”


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