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So Bernie Madoff Has A Nephew* Named Stuart Who's Trying To Make It As A Rapper

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And, unlike the rest of the Madoffs, who generally seem to hate the former money manager for ruining their lives/the family name, Stuart "Triple" Madoff not only continues to feel the love but looks up to the guy.

[Update: This may have something to do with the fact that he's *most likely* not actually related to Berns in the traditional sense; these revelations in no way change the fact that you owe it to yourself to watch the musical stylings of white Jewish rapper who got his friends together to rap on a deck on Long Island about Bernie Madoff.]

To that end, he's released an album entitled "Madoff Monopoly," which includes a track called "In God's Hands (Free Uncle Bernie)." The video, which involves the rapper appealing to the universe to let his uncle out of prison, appears to have been filmed in Triple's bedroom using a single camera set-up shot above his twin bed, upon which he lays casually wearing a sweatshirt he had made for the occasion. Obviously, it's worth checking out. But even more worthy of your time?

That would be the "directors cut" of "Bernie Madoff Familia (Ft. Joey Madoff)."

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*Or he has an admirer who's not actually his nephew but simply a kid with a dream who wishes he was family? Actual blood ties have not been confirmed at this time!