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Something Happened At The Supreme Court

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Argentina really doesn't understand all of the hullaballoo about gay marriage here in the U.S. of A., since it's been legal down there since 2010. So it's really having some trouble with the idea that its latest attempt to avoid paying its bills has been obscured.

The South American nation claims a federal appeals court in New York was wrong when it ruled in October that investors in restructured Argentine debt can’t be paid unless holders of the nation’s defaulted bonds, led by billionaire Paul Singer’s Elliott Management Corp. and its NML Capital Ltd. unit, are also paid.

Argentina yesterday filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to take the case, arguing that the lower-court ruling “represents an unprecedented intrusion into the activities of a foreign state within its own territory that raises significant foreign relations concerns for the United States.”

Of course, with the Second Circuit still considering just how Argentina will have to pay its bills, there's next to no chance the berobed ones touch this. Not that it really matters one way or other, because in spite of asking for the high court's help, Argentina and her lawyers have made abundantly clear that they only care about what it says if it says what Argentina wants it to say.

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