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Who Wants To Join Team Corbat?

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Citi Chairman Michael O'Neill is afraid that he's tuckering his board members out, and could use a little help in some key areas. Plus, he makes the job sound so glamorous and not at all like a bunch of busy work.

Citigroup Inc may name as many as three more directors to its 11-member board to add skills and share the work load, Chairman Michael O'Neill said on Thursday.

O'Neill, speaking at a conference on corporate governance, said he is not "totally satisfied that we have all of the right skills" on the panel and that he is working to bring people with additional knowledge….

O'Neill did not say exactly which additional talents he seeks for Citigroup, but he noted that banks today need to have a board member who understands digital trends.

The board is considering hiring a new director with technology expertise to better monitor the bank's efforts to improve and integrate its information systems, Reuters reported earlier this month.

Citigroup may add three new directors, chairman says [Reuters]


By World Economic Forum [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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