Write-Offs: 06.06.13


$$$For two hedge funds, SAC redemptions hit close to home [Reuters]

$$$Dell Shareholders Urged to Vote No by Icahn [WSJ]

$$$Lloyd Blankfein’s Horatio Alger Story for New Graduates [Dealbook]

$$$Despite Tax Rules, Companies Stick With U.S. [Dealbook]

$$$ Internal Revenue Service officials on Thursday tried to tame another scandal plaguing the agency, apologizing to lawmakers for a lavish 2010 conference in California that included an elaborate Star Trek spoof training video. "After I saw the production, I fully regretted it," said Faris Fink, the IRS small business commissioner who played the character Spock in the Star Trek parody that included a tax-themed skit. "It's embarrassing." [Reuters]

$$$SAC Capital's New Problem: Underperforming the Market [CNBC]

$$$Regulators Sue Prediction Site, Allege Illegal Options [WSJ]

$$$Cat Caught Smuggling Cell Phones Into Russian Prison [HP]


Write-Offs: 5.6.15

Gross takes a hit; Point72 hires ex-prosecutor; How the top 10 hedge fund managers spend their money (on politics); "Decathlete uses javelin to pull daughter's tooth"; and more.

Write-Offs: 09.27.12

$$$ Banks’ M&A earnings drop to Lehman low [FT] $$$ Spain's crisis budget aims at spending cuts not tax rises [Reuters] $$$ There isn't really a Spanish deposit flight [FTAV] $$$ SEC Charges Investment Bank Analyst with Illegally Tipping College Friend About Nonpublic Merger Deals [SEC] $$$ Lawyer for Ex-Goldman Programmer Criticizes Prosecutors and Firm [DealBook] $$$ "Hedge Fund Pivot Joins BTG to Defy Bacon’s Investment Desert" is a real Bloomberg headline [Bloomberg] $$$ Canada cheese-smuggling ring busted [BBC] $$$ TCW is looking for a credit analyst in LA [DBCC] $$$ RIM's Earnings Beat Expectations; Shares Up 16% [WSJ] $$$ Geithner Urges an Overhaul of Rules on Money Market Funds [DealBook] $$$ SEC’s Gallagher Calls for Floating Price for Money Market Funds [Bloomberg] $$$ Mortgage rates are at all-time lows [CR] $$$ Houses on "Places" cost more than houses on "Streets" [Atlantic Cities] $$$ This happened [Twitter]